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  • To attract promising and dedicated young males as program participants.

  • To implement a challenging, culturally diverse, spiritual curriculum.

  • To measure the success of the program on an annual basis.

  • To gain financial assistance from fundraisers, donations and grants annually.

  • To provide at least one scholarship annually to a qualifying program participant.

  • To expose program participants to culturally diverse events.

  • To expose youth to successful and inspiring speakers.

  • To expose program participants to financial stabilizing programs.

  • To instill self-respect and respect for others.

  • To instill discipline and respect for authority

  • To assist mentees in gaining High School Graduation.

  • To assist mentees in gaining college, military, or other successful post high school employment.

Purpose Statement

To educate, inspire, and train young boys to be mentally positive, psychologically sound, and culturally adaptive in order to be positive, self-supporting, productive young men in everyday life events.

Mission Statement

To inspire program participants to spiritually, mentally, and culturally grow to achieve personal and social accountability, a reasonably high expectation of educational success, tools to develop financial stability, the ability to make sound life sustaining decisions, and a responsibility to respect themselves and others.


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