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As has been proven, stated and restated parents are the major influence in the development of their children.  Of all the various pressures in life, probably the most stressful is the one called parenting.  In a similar way the most pressure for a child is coping with parents who insist on directing their lives without listening to their ideas and ambitions. This is a burden for both child and parent making it extremely difficult for both parties to reach an understanding.


There are also parents who abdicate their responsibility for career planning.  They believe that college is substitute career preparation and discover it’s a very expensive substitute.  The College Board reports that 55% of students who enter college eventually dropout.  These students end up debt-laden without a degree.  According to, 80% of college-bound students have yet to choose a major.  Studies have shown that kids who single out careers early are much more likely to graduate.  So it is vitally important that you engage your child in a dialogue about their future.


With all the current issues and challenges our youth deal with, peer pressure, school work and the criminal justice system just to name a few,  please consider allowing MIMS the opportunity to help you train and inspire your child for successful growth into manhood.

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